iTunes an update that wants to block unofficial iPhone Music and ringtones

Apple is definitely struggling to prevent the use of unofficial ringtones on its first communicating player. While the iPhone ringtone download service has been available since last week, alternative solutions were also launched in parallel The first, free, bears the name of MakeiPhoneRingtones and until then allowed the installation of ringtones in AAC format automatically transferred and installed on the iPhone. The second, in the name of iToner and marketed at a price of 15 dollars, makes it possible to do the same operation but via a clearly simplified interface.

Apple, therefore, took a dim view of the possibility of installing unofficial ringtones on its iPhone and released yet another update to iTunes aimed at preventing their use. iTunes 7.4.2 now makes it possible to block the MakeiPhone Ringtones service, iToner still continuing to function. Ironically, just hours after the release of the new version of iTunes, a new method of bypassing ringtone service security was found.

Finally, note that apart from the specific case of ringtones for iPhone, this update to iTunes improves the synchronization of Outlook data on the communicating player, its general stability on PC and Mac, and finally support for the iPod Touch player. under Mac OS X mobile. Regarding the iPhone activation procedure, nothing has been changed.

Music and ringtones in 3G on the future iPhone?

Today, interactions between Apple’s mobile music offers and the latest iPhone and iPod Touch-connected music players are more than limited. It is certainly possible to buy and download new titles from these terminals via WiFi, but it is not possible to buy ringtones or to access the entire associated iTunes catalog.

And it is on these points that Apple intends to review its mobile music strategy. According to the blogs of the New York Times, the Cupertino company is preparing in the coming weeks to make a strong announcement to unveil new uses, particularly in terms of ringtones or other musical mobile services offered.

Apple would thus seek to renegotiate part of the contracts with the majors of the music industry to authorize the purchase of ringtones from the iPhone and iTouch without having to go through a PC or a Mac. Similarly, if all the songs can not for the moment be transformed into a ringtone, Apple seeks to expand its catalog of “compatible” music. Especially since the service is very profitable, charged $ 0.99 more than the price of classical music.

At the same time, in addition to full music and ringtones, Apple would be working on “ringback tones” (or “return ringtone”) to use the music of its choice as the call tone. Thus, when a contact dials your phone number, it is this music that will be used as a ringtone on hold. Finally, Apple would also like to market its music and mobile services directly using 2G or 3G cellular networks (on the new iPhone) and no longer only via WiFi as is currently the case. But the majors of the music industry could ask to be paid more in the latter case, downloading songs over the air being more lucrative for mobile operators.

The financial stakes are important, the iPhone marketed since June in the United States associated with the opening this year of its distribution in nearly 50 new countries will allow addressing according to Piper Jaffray potential audience of 575 million mobile users against “only” 153 million in the six countries where it is currently on sale. And to make this market more dynamic, Apple could go through two important phases: offer a variable selling price of the titles acquired (against 0.99 € per title today) and offer an unlimited listening offer via an additional monthly subscription. or annual. It is moreover this last point that Nokia wishes to develop with its “Music Store” and its “Comes With Music” offer which, by purchasing compatible mobile phones, enables the entire catalog of different majors to be listened to for free for a year.

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