iPhone: refuse a call and mute the ringtone

We have all experienced that awkward moment when the ringing of our cell phone rings in the middle of a meeting and plunges the room into an embarrassing silence. Here is a handy little trick that will allow you to cut your iPhone’s ringtone very quickly and send your correspondent to your voicemail.

Forgetting to turn off your cell phone

Of course, you just have to forget to put your phone in silent mode just before entering the meeting room for one of your friends to try to reach you in the next quarter of an hour. In these cases, it is panic. We tap frantically on the keyboard of his iPhone, looking in vain for the key that will cut this ringtone and put an end to your ordeal.

If in addition, you had a good idea to set the music of the last Disney as your ringtone, you may experience one of the most embarrassing moments of your life. Rest assured, there is a trick to rejecting a call.

Mute ringtone

If you want to silence your iPhone, just click on the Decline call icon that appears on the screen when the other party tries to reach you. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that this icon is completely missing This is the case when you lock your phone. The Accepted and Rejected icons are then replaced by a slider. The only solution is to press the Power button once to mute the ringtone.

Direct your correspondent to your answering machine

By pressing the On / Off button on your iPhone twice, your correspondent will be directed directly to your answering machine. With some mobile operators, this operation brings up a menu allowing you to send a pre-filled SMS informing your correspondent that you are currently busy and that you will call him back later.

Alternate Power Button Use

You can also use the Power button to end a phone conversation. This tip is very practical especially in winter when you wear gloves that are not compatible with touch screens. This avoids using the buttons on the touch screen to hang up.

Activate silent mode

As a reminder, silent mode is activated and deactivated thanks to the small button located on the left edge of the iPhone just above the volume buttons.

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