How to download iTunes ringtones

Download iTunes ringtones to use on your cell phone. When you receive a call on your cell phone, it will play a sound, also known as a ringtone. If you don’t want the default ringtones that came with your phone, you can get new segments made from your favorite songs. Download new ringtones to your computer from Apple’s iTunes Store using the iTunes app for free. You can then transfer the ringtones from the computer to your phone. If you have an iPhone, you can download ringtones directly from iTunes or you can copy them from your computer. For other brands of cell phones, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for transferring ringtones downloaded from iTunes to your phone. Download ringtones with a computer

1 Open a browser and go to Download the free iTunes app if you don’t already have IT; versions are available for Mac and PC, although all Macs come with iTunes installed from the factory.

2 Connect your computer to the Internet and launch iTunes. If this is your first time using the app, follow the instructions to set up an iTunes account, providing your contact details and credit card details so you can purchase and download ringtones.

3 Click on “iTunes Store.”

4 Type “Ringtones” in the search box. A list of musical ringtones will appear. Click on the “First name,” “Album,” “Artist” or any other category to sort them. Click on the ringtone to listen to a free sample.

5 Click on the “Buy” button to download a ringtone to your computer. Click “Purchased” in the left pane of the iTunes window to see the ringtones you have purchased. Double-click on a ringtone to play it

Tap the “iTunes” icon on the iPhone home screen when your iPhone is connected to the Internet. A connection to Apple’s iTunes Store will be established.

2 Tap “More.” 3 Tap “Ringtones.” 4 Tap “Featured,” “Top Ten” or “Genres” then browse through the ringtones. Tap “Search” and type in the name of an artist, album, or song, then tap “Search.” A list of results appears, including songs, music videos, and ringtones related to your search request.

5 Tap a ringtone to listen to a free sample. Tap the ringtone price to download it directly to your iPhone. When prompted, type in your Apple ID so that the download can be charged to the credit card associated with your iTunes account.

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