How to Create a Cell Phone Ringtone from an MP3 Using Audacity

The default ringtones on our smartphones are usually very impersonal. I suggest you discover in this tutorial how to create a personalized cell phone ringtone from a song.

Where to search for original music

Unless you find what you are looking for in your music library, you can purchase a single MP3 track from the Amazon platform. It is very easy to use, you can listen to the song before you decide, and the prices are affordable especially if you want to buy just 1 song. Some are free, others less than € 1.29.

Some people prefer to download MP3s for free by direct download or Torrent download, but this is obviously totally illegal. Now if you bought the original song on CD I think that’s okay, sometimes it’s easier to download an album than it is to convert (rip) your own original CDs to MP3.

Extract a specific part of your MP3 before sending it to your Smartphone

Depending on what title you want as your cell phone ringtone, you will need to sort it out a bit. Indeed maybe you want to remove a long intro, just extract the chorus, or keep a big booming guitar solo.

Anyway, you will need for that to go through specialized software allowing to edit an audio stream. I recommend that you use one of my favorite free software, the excellent Audacity. For this, see my article How to extract part of music using Audacity which describes in detail and in pictures the procedure to follow.

Just keep in mind that the duration of your cell phone ringtone is limited by your operator to a maximum of 30 seconds!

The next chapter explains how to check the current duration and adjust it if necessary to match the duration of your new ringtone.

Knowing that the duration of your ringtone can be configured with your operator to the nearest second, try to create a ringtone that falls on a whole number of seconds …

Adjust the duration of your ringtone with your operator

For this, see the article How to increase the duration of the ringing tone of your mobile which details precisely how to modify the duration or the number of the ringing of your mobile in case it is too short to take full advantage of your creation.

Send the MP3 to your Smartphone

All you have to do is transfer your ringtone to your smartphone.

On iPhone, you will have to go through iTunes.

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