How to change the ringtone of your Android smartphone?

Are you tired of hearing the same ringtone every time someone calls you since purchasing your smartphone? To personalize your experience with your Android mobile somewhat by changing the ringtone. A good first approach is to learn how to configure and keep your Android smartphone up to date.

Our old feature phones already offered such a feature, it is of course possible to change the ringtone of an Android device as desired. It is even a base for personalizing your smartphone. This is not very complicated, but since it is easy to get lost in the menus of the interface, we will detail the necessary steps for such an operation.

Change ringtone on an Android smartphone

Before you start, take into account that Android exists in multiple versions and manufacturer overlays. The path to access the different options may therefore vary slightly depending on your model. But for the most part, you don’t risk getting lost by following the instructions below.

  1. Access the Settings menu of the smartphone
  2. Select ” Sounds and vibrations “.
  3. Tap ” Phone ringtone “.
  4. Choose the ringtone you like from the list offered. You can listen to each song by tapping on it to make your decision.

Use music as a ringtone on an Android smartphone

Rather than starting with a preset ringtone, you can choose an audio file saved on the internal memory or the microSD card of your smartphone. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Access the Settings menu of the smartphone
  2. Select ” Sounds and vibrations “.
  3. Tap ” Phone ringtone “.
  4. Select ” Choose a local ringtone “
  5. Choose an application to find your audio file (Music or File manager in particular).
  6. Press on the desired audio file then press on ” Ok ” to validate your choice.

And There you go! You now have a brand new ringtone, whether you downloaded it yourself on your smartphone or by drawing from the ringtones already installed on your mobile. Note that you can also set a ringtone for a specific contact: so you know who is calling you only by sound and without even looking at the phone!

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